COMC Store Credit

How to add Store Credit


  • You can use a credit card or PayPal to instantly add store credit to your account.
  • (login and click button below)
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By Mail

  • You may send us a check or money order to fund your account. Sales Tax, if applicable, will be deducted from your payment.
Add store credit by mail

Why you should add store credit

Buy it now

Rather than using the shopping cart and giving others an opportunity to purchase an item you really want, you can instantly purchase an item by using your store credit. Once you own the item, you can do whatever you want with the item.
  • Have the item set aside to be shipped when you are done shopping later that day, next week, or even in a month.
  • Immediately relist the item because you think it was underpriced (i.e. "Flip that item").
  • Just keep the item in your online inventory so that you can decide what to do with it later.

Make an offer

  • Just like you may often do at shows and shops, at you can negotiate over the price.
  • Take the items in your shopping cart and make offers to the corresponding owners .
  • You need to have enough store credit in your account to cover the offer so that we can instantly transfer ownership of the items once the offer is accepted.

Reduce shipping rates

  • Rather than using the shopping cart and having to pay for shipping right away, you can instantly purchase items and continue shopping. Consolidate your shipping rates and only pay when you are done shopping. This could be a week or a month down the road.

Flip that item

  • See an item that is underpriced?
  • You can purchase that item and immediately relist it at a higher price.
  • 5% Transaction Fee

Sell items you have on hand

  • We offer full-service consignment. Just send us your items, and we do all the work.
  • Check out our seller rates page for all of the latest processing services.
  • We will lookup all of the catalog and pricing information, scan your items, and upload the items to your account.
  • You get to login and pick the price you want for the items.
  • We house and insure the items until they sell.
  • When the items sell, we credit your account, do all of the payment processing, and ship the items for you.
  • All you have to do is decide what you want to do with the store credit you have earned.
    • You can purchase other items on the site without any fees or commission.
    • You can pay for more items to be added to the site.
    • You can pay for items to be shipped to you.
    • You can convert your store credit to cash. We charge a cash-out fee.

Store Credit Cash-Out

Cash-Out Fee and Refunds

Store Credit is subject to a 10% Cash-Out Fee. Any portion of purchased Store Credit can be refunded in full within 30 days of purchase.