"Thank you Jen, I wish all customer service people were as good as you. Have a great day and thanks again for all of your help."
- Mike, via Amazon

"Just a note to say Thank You to the entire COMC Order Fulfillment crew for their precise work. My orders have been received quick & perfect every time."
- gmclark29

"I wanted to say thank you! I really enjoy being a small seller on your site. You have made it very easy for me to sell some of the cards that I no longer want, thereby allowing me to buy cards that I do want. You have reinvigorated my interest the hobby."
- Gunny

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping. You guys really are the best customer service on the net. I haven't used [Other site] or [Other other site] in 4 months and it's been great. I've also spread the word about you guys and hope to contribute to the success of the site. Have a great week."
- Maximoose

"I am incredibly happy with COMC and will be doing plenty more purchases for a long time to come. I may even have some cards to sell myself. Thank you for the quick response. COMC is a top notch business and far exceeds expectations."
- CanuckNation, British Columbia

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- maxe0213

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- carddude

"I just received the package today and I am shocked how fast it took since I placed my order over the weekend. You have just won yourself a customer and you're my go-to needs for future cards. Thanks again,"
- Andrew, via Amazon.com

"Firstly, I would like to say how disappointed I am in your site. The ease of use of the site layout, the vast selection and very cool user interface for bidding makes it extremely easy to use. This has caused the card bug to bite me again and reignited my passion for collecting which I am now passing on to my son. Unfortunately this hits my wallet and makes my wife cranky! I look forward to receiving my first order and hopefully I'll beat my wife to the mailbox, or it may be me getting the beating! In all seriousness, awesome site! I'm glad I stumbled on it!"
- Jeremy, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"I recently placed an order with you & I would like to congratulate you on your excellent service. As an international collector, who does dot have access to a local card shop, the product and service you offer is superb."
- threepointplay, London, England

"Just to let you know that I received my package yesterday. The cards arrived and were exceptionally well packed and protected. I have recently, come back to card collecting and one of your orders helped me to complete a set of my vintage hockey cards. Your site is my " Go to site" to complete sets and obtain cards. When you live in Australia, there are no card shows, a small number of card stores. So I have to go to a place where I know I will get a good product and good service. That place is yours. Please keep up the good work"
- Ron, Falcon, Western Australia

"I wanted to thank you for providing the collecting community a positive place to purchase cards. I have been satisfied with every purchase that I've made from this site. There have been good prices and items you just cannot find anywhere else. Thanks to you, my third time collection of Ken Griffey Jr cards has grown rapidly and affordably. I am thinking of going with you as my only online source for trading cards. But I will save that story for another time. Again, thank you for the good work that you do."
- buddysmom2010

"I just received my first order of cards today and was very very impressed with the quality of the cards and the care that was taken to make sure that I was receiving top quality. This is my first time buying cards online and do not care if there are any other sites for cards because I have found IMO the very cream of the crop. After receiving my cards I immediately added more money to my account and bought several more. I will be buying cards from you for many years to come and will pass on your site to everyone I come across. Kudos to all the staff at COMC for such a fantastic job with the site and quality service and care for the customer. Thank you all."
- Kevin, Cranbrook, British Columbia

"Your overall service was outstanding. I'll order again from you - and recommend you to others. Thanks!"
- Richard, Sacramento, CA

"Just a note to say Thank You to the entire COMC Order Fulfillment crew for their precise work. My orders have been received quick & perfect every time."
- gmclark29

"I just received my first order and I couldn't be happier. Great packing, and shipping. I love that you have exact pictures of every single card. It's so nice to know for sure what you are purchasing. Also, I love that orders ship out from one central place, in one package no matter how many sellers you buy from. That is SO convenient. That was always one of my pet peeves with other online card sellers. I love this website and I will be placing many more orders in the future. This company is a card collectors dream."
- Jon, Reading, PA

"I would like to let you know that your website has completely revolutionized how I purchase trading cards. The days of me spending $100+ on a box of cards, only to receive a few crummy "hits," are long gone. Lately, I have been buying retail packs to satisfy my desire to "bust wax." Then, I use COMC to fill in the holes of my collection. Your service saves me money and guarantees that I get the exact cards that I want. Thank you for your novel idea!"
- Tracy, Las Vegas, NV

"“I am once again super pleased with my purchase from your website. Not only did I find a card for an obscure triple-A guy I played little league with, but your packaging team was nice enough to throw it at the top of the stack after I mentioned how excited I was on the comment section of my order. It made me smile right away. Thanks again! You guys are awesome :)""
- - J.P.

""I just received my first order from you. 14 days shipping from USA to Denmark, and all cards in superb condition and packaged in a very neat way. I am very impressed with your service and quality and will be a returning customer. Thank you. :-)""
- Niels J.

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- Courtney B.

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- Squeeealer, via the blog

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- Mark S., via Amazon.com

"Your site has been my favorite card collecting discovery since I found eBay over 10 years ago."
- Jim via Facebook

"I just wanted to say how much I love the site! I had bought cards from the site before and loved the ease, but at first I was skeptical about selling, I thought it might not be worth the fees. I thought that new products and expensive cards would be the only cards that sold. Boy was I wrong! I sent sent around 400 cards, and I've only had them on the site for a week and have already made my fees back without selling a single card over $10. It's incredibly easy to sell, saving me so much time, and I can use the money to buy cards I actually want. Checkoutmycards is great, the only way I will sell my cards from now on!"
- dlcarst

"Your service has always been the best, and your selection is amazing. I will always return again and again. :o) feel free to let me know about any Tebow rookie, memorabilia, or serial #'d or anything "tebowesque" lol also Demarco Murray, Tony Romo, or Dallas cowboy related :o) it always makes my day when the packages are delivered."

"This website is the best website to sell or buy from. I used to sell on [other site] but the fees got too much for me also you could not list cards for under $1.00! Who ever made this website is a genius! The classified is awesome! Almost 30,000 different buyers way cool!"
- racing1001

"Myself being a repeat customer. I'm glad there is an alternative to Ebay.Unlike running the risk of not getting exactly what you pay for on Ebay.Check out my cards always quickly and safely delivers exactly what I expect. Thank you for doing cards right !"
- Jay, Saint Clair, Michigan

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- Robert, Fairmount, IL

"… thanks again for creating a system that lets me sell my cards without ebay auctions, going to the Post Office, weekend shows and so much more!!! You’ve greatly changed and enhanced my life and I thank you VERY much!"
- mocards


You have met or exceeded all of my expectations. I thank you for answering all of my questions in a timely manner. Please thank Jeremy for me for his assistance.

Thank you,"
- Charles, Mamaroneck, NY

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- Christopher, Macedon, NY

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- James, Los Angeles, CA

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- Brian, Camano Island, WA

"Yesterday I received my first shipment of cards from your site. The total number of cards in the shipment was 712, which is assume is a relatively large order. It took me 3 hours last night to verify that the order was correct. Perhaps I'm too cynical but I was amazed that the order was complete and 100% correct. Please give my congratulations to the shipping department!"
- Robert, West Palm Beach, FL

"Ever had an idea and say "WOW! If someone would do this it would be amazing!" Well to find out that someone did blows me away. I can't believe I ever bought cards in any other way. I sound like an infocommercial but I can't help myself. Keep doing what you're doing! Long live baseball and baseball cards!! One more "!" for the road! haha

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
- BlackSox007

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- Jason, Orlando, FL

"You have obviously done your homework here. I have no qualms about dealing with you based on what I've seen over the years. You have not eliminated the risk associated with card trading. That is impossible. What you do is push the risk level to the absolute lowest factor it can be. That is what makes me a fan."
- blooperboy

"Your site is the best. I recently bought a bunch of Reggie Jackson cards and just put another order in today. The prices are way better than ebay. I am a huge Reggie collector with over 5000 individual cards. Your store has the best selection. I will be back very soon. Keep up the good work."
- Ryan, Syracuse, NY

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Amazing how fast the packages have come and how well packaged.

Hope you can attract more sellers to your site so I can buy more !"
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1st by mailing my items out to me much faster than expected.
2nd by sending my cards to me with plastic casing, and in pristine condition. I refuse to buy my cards anywhere else. Keep up the excellent work."
- Jamal, Aurora, CO

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I have been collecting George Brett since 87 and have over 300 different cards and you have been able to fill some empty slots that I have.
Thanks again."
- JR, South Weber, UT

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"Hello there!
I just recieved my shipment.
Great job people!! They came in great condition! I will to continue to shop with you guys forever!!"
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P.S. This is the start of a business relation that I plan to sell/buy cards for a very long time!!!"
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I hope to become a top 10 seller on your website and love seeing the progression you have made since I have become a member.

I can't wait till this awesome site is selling more cards than a certain auction giant.

To ANYBODY who wants to sell there cards I would highly recommend this website, they do all of the hassle work for you and handle your precious cards like they were their own."
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- GLinc

"Hello! Donna and Darrin (I think I have that right). Just wanted to compliment you on your customer service skills. I know it was confusing - and you weren't able to do what I asked. But you did the next best thing. I am an Operations Director and seek that skill in my staff, if I were your boss... I would commend you."
- Carol, Rockford, IL

"Thank you to everyone at COMC for doing such a great job in listing and helping me sell my port. I really appreciate the professionalism and help they showed me through-out the entire process, and I'm very happy to have been just their #2 auction-style port sale! Tim, Darren & Jeff were awesome!"
- GridironherosandGreats

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I received my card in Belgium so fast and in a so good condition.

Thanks again."
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This is definitely not my last time shopping on COMC,thanks so much!"
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- Pete, Schaumburg, IL

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- Brandon, Muskego, WI

"Hey i just received some cards that were shipped to me from you guys, and i have to say i was thoroughly impressed with the packaging job. The cards were all in great condition and even had new looking top loaders on them inside of team bags. Doesn't get much better for a collector like myself. You have earned a repeat customer. Thank you for your services."
- Adam , Hanover Park, IL

"I just want to drop you a note and say THANK YOU,for providing this great service. The 3 cards I purchased arrived safely and quickly! I will be back for more soon"
- Greg, Joliet, IL

"Thanks for running such a great web marketplace for sports cards ! Your search engine is a snap to use and it is very simple to browse the newest inventory that has been placed for sale. As a Canadian collector of baseball rookie cards, it can be a challenge filling my wishlists however, since finding your site my list of hard to find & obscure rookies has fallen dramatically. Not to worry, there are ALWAYS new cards to get; once you collect cards you always collect cards. Way to go guys !"
- FairDeal

"Simpy Amazing!! That is all I can say about Check Out My Cards! I had a Jermichael Finley (Green Bay Packers TE) signing to go and I found out about it on Wednesday (signing was on Monday) so I quickly put in a order and was hoping to get my cards on Monday in time for the signing. I figured that since Christmas was on Friday that is wasn't going to happen. You should have seen the look on my face as I opened my mail box and saw an envelope from Check Out My Cards! Fastest shipping you could ask for, and I paid for Standard!

Check Out My Cards is by far THE BEST site to by sports cards online"
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- AAvintage

"I absolutely love your site. Absolutely fantastic."
- CCBC23

"… I do appreciate you guys and your phenomenal site. Not only do we love shopping there, but you have always been very quick to reply to any inquiries I've made. Happy Holidays,"
- Gary, Powhatan, VA

"Thanks for your great customer service.

(I have largely abandoned Ebay to buy cards on your site)."
- Joe, Chattanooga, TN

"I've really enjoyed this site and am amazed at just how much work must go into running COMC's :-O... COMC's has been the best internet business idea since WebVan :-)"
- Richard, Atlanta, GA

"Thanks Tim! Really have enjoyed buying and selling cards through you guys. Can't wait to see what the Black Friday specials are. Took advantage of them last year too."
- BmanBfan

"Hi Steve, just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job. Perfect service - as always :-)"
- Sascha, Berlin, Germany

"Your website is a great place for the hobby!!"
- Bishoff1

- kardzphan

"hey guys i cant stop telling you how impressed i am with your site. i almost feel like a kid walking to the local card shop (remember those?) every time i nose around."
- Jason, Columbia, PA

"Mark, I feel the way you handled my situation was amazing. I am very new here, have not spent much money with the company but yet was handled as being important. I will come back here when I am looking for cards, I believe I found an honest site to buy from and would tell anyone the same thing. Thank you for the attention you gave me,"
- Scott, Trevorton, PA

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- andre

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- Chris, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Hi Steve,
You guys have been great and always problem free. I don't expect and can't foresee any issues.

COMC is such an amazing service when compared to the other well-known auction site. So good in fact, I'm prepping to become a seller myself by years' end. <g>

Keep up the great work!"
- Lance, Honolulu, HI

"I’ve only been a member since August of 2009. This site is simply amazing!! Thank you to all the people involved in getting this site going. I feel like a kid again."
- andre

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- Luke, Blacksburg, VA

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look forward to buying more cards soon."
- Patrick, La Porte, TX

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- John,Sydney, Australia

"Thanks Guys! You have an outstanding service and a "think outside the box" way of doing business. I'm proud to be a part of it all. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Take care, Matt"
- mwheeler27

"It has not even been a year since I discovered COMC and began buying/selling there... but in less than a year I have been more impressed with the innovations that have taken place there than I've been with anything ebay has done in the last decade. COMC truly is the future of buying/selling in this hobby!"
- ohiomike

"Thank you for continuing to move COMC forward. I am optimistic that this will be the marketplace for collectors in the hopefully not-too-distant future."
- ThePristineCollection

"I've been a member for almost 2 years (January 08) and I've enjoyed every minute. I know you always have your members best interests in mind, and it's nice to be able to share ideas and suggestions. Thanks : )"
- Habsfan24

"Love the site, but then again that could be a bad thing. Very addicting."
- Robert, Winter Park, FL

"hey guys i just wanted to say my package of cards arrived today and im very pleased. ill definitely reccommend you guys. thanx again."
- Jason, Columbia, PA

"...good luck to you guys and hope you sign up 100's and if not thousands of new people to the best card site ever."
- baseballcardsetc

"Hi, just wanted to say earlier this week I placed orders for cards for the first time ever with your company, and I am extremely pleased. The ordering process is easy, you responded quickly with e-mails confirming order & shipping, and my two orders came just as quickly. Just letting you know you have made me a very happy customer, and as a result I will most likely be a returning customer. Keep up the great work, guys !"
- John, Colonia, NJ

"I have been collecting baseball cards since 1967. I was a founding member of the Utah sportscard club back in the 70's so have been envolved in cards for many years. Your site is one of the most unique, organized and affordable I have ever seen! It is nice to pay a reasonable price for cards again! I have received all my shipments quickly, safely and securely packaged and even more importantly; the cards have all been in impeccably good condition! Keep up the great work! As long as you continue to do what you are doing now, you have a customer for life!"
- Curtis, Alhambra, CA

"Thanks for all that you do. This hobby, collecting and trading cards, is made all the more enjoyable when you deal with people you can trust."
- blooperboy

"Hi, I would just like to comment on how well run your site is. It is so easy just to package up some cards and send them in to you. It is much easier than ebay. Thanks for having such a great site!"
- Anonymous Seller

"I received my first two orders today, and am very impressed with the cards and how quickly they shipped. This is a great site for collectors like me who have no cards shops nearby that carry many singles. Thanks for making a great site!"
- Robert, Portage, OH

"I bought baseball cards for the first time off your site and just got them in the mail. I just wanted to let you know that these cards are in absolute perfect condition better than expected. Shipping was fast and cheap. I am already making a list of more cards to order ASAP. I finally found a site that gives good prices on baseball cards AND DOESN'T rip you off on the shipping."
- John, Pawcatuck, CT

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great experience! I am always weary of purchasing cards off of sites that are new because you never what you get or more importantly might NOT get. I have to say that the 3 cards of past Steeler greats of the 70's I ordered were in better condition than they looked on-line and I received them within 5 days of postal service. Thanks again for helping me to build my collection and I will most definitely continue to browse checkoutmycards.com!"
- Chad, Bethel Park, PA

"Your site is great!! ... Keep up the great work"
- Don, Crownsville, MD

"COMC is still the BEST Card Site on the web…
#!%# E-bay!

- Will, Largo, FL

"Just wanted to compliment you on the quick and fast service and real nice cards, will buy more soon."
- Robbie, Hutchinson, KS

"I love your site and I'm trying to get another batch of cards to send. Keep up the great work!"
- Gravedigger

"I have been a customer and seller for over one year now. I am very pleased with the entire operation. Thank you for the service and support. Overall, I have to say well done, it's been a wonderful experience, and it just keeps getting better."
- Blooperboy

"thanks for the great card site. Every time I log on I feel like a kid in a candy store."
- jbnark

"My son and his friends like to collect cards. The closest card store is 20 miles away and the prices are too high. We have ordered twice through you guys and it was easy, fast, and the quality was very good. I hope you guys can keep up the good work!"
- Samuel, Houston, TX

"I started using your site a few months ago and didn't know what to expect. I can now say that I am extremely satisfied and impressed with my cards and your staff. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to using this site in the future."
- Ryan, Fredericksburg, VA

"Just wanted to let you know that your site is far and above better than buying on ebay, or from other sellers online. A local card dealer in my area charges book value, and nothing less, so its great to come here and get the cards i need. I have also recomended someone to put cards on your site to sell them. Great site,"
- Dan, Ravenna, OH

"Hi, just to let you know that my order (#16258) arrived safely today, and all the cards were great. It is refreshing to find good quality service with reasonable shipping to international locations (International buyers know what I am talking about =)). Will definitely peruse your services again."
- Nic, Singapore

"Boy ! You folks are really on top of things!!!"
- kardzphan

"thanks for everything the site is so awesome"
- rookies_plus

"I appreciate your assistance in this matter. This is what keeps me using your service is the outstanding customer service you provide and the understanding you have that the cards a person sends in are a vaule to that person and they are not being treated or made to feel like they are a just another #. Keep up the great work."
- bigchili73

"I LOVE your site… Thanks for your help with this. keep up the AWESOME job and I'll keep sending my graded and raw cards!!"
- carrjunkie

"This is great! I've been waiting for something like this. This site just keeps getting better and better!"
- DawgFight24

"Thank you! You guys have an outstanding service! I'm shipping more cards to you tomorrow."
- mwheeler27

"Great job guys. Im very happy with the site. I will be sending another big batch of cards in on Monday."
- baseballcardsetc

"There is no where better to buy cards! This site will soon become the mainstay for card collectors everywhere. I can’t belive people would even consider buying from ebay (what a joke!). Thanks COMC for finally giving people like me a website that progresses my hobby!!"
- James, Sheboygan Falls, WI

"Happy New Year to all the staff at COMC. My experience with COMC has been Wonderful! Ilove the functionality of your site and the recent improvements:
1. The introduction to me of purchase and sales history. I had never used Microsoft Excel in my life but now am using it almost every day. What a wonderful tool for me.
2. The ability for me to search by page # and the way all cards are organized by differing criteria choices.
3. The offer history. How easy it has become to see the details of recent offers!

Thanks for the ride and I wish you much future success. I have had the best 60 day period of sales. In the last two months I have had four times the sales that I had in my beginning two month period. ( And all that in an ailing economy!! )
- Ecards

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the 125-card order today! Using COMC, I was able to complete 1 set of 2008 Topps Chrome football rookies and 2 sets of 2008 UD Heroes Football! Also picked up some nice items for the personal collection as well as gifts for football-watching buddies.

I wish you much success in 2009!"
- FlyingTiger

"I got cards yesterday..
I am satisfied for your service..
X.mas and i will buy in next time~~"
- Roy, Taipei, Taiwan

"Just wanted to let you know my card arrived safe and sound yesterday as described. Thanks a million!"
- Scott, Paulding, OH

"just a short note to say thanks for the great service and fast del, cards came in great shape too.
i'll be a royal customer soon to be a seller"
- solompon999

"Thanks for the confirmation. Please accept my thanks and congratulations on having such a user-friendly website. I look forward to returning many times."
- George, Auburn, WA

"You guys rock... I want you to take $20 out of my account and buy a round of beers for the boys."
- kevdog73

"You run an awesome service for people. It is no surprise that people are falling all over themselves to use you more and more!

Congratulations on the success, and here’s hoping that you keep achieving more!"
- David, Lincoln, NE

"Your Black Friday shipping deal was the greatest. I not only purchased cards but I sold more cards on this one day then I ever have. You should look at doing this again.
As always your site is the greatest."
- mike6213

"Thanks! Cool site, I'm not sure how I found the other day, but I'm glad I did! I usually do all my card shopping on eBay, but will be looking at this site quite often."
- Cory, Madison, WI

"Keep up the good work! Your site is awesome."
- David, Lincoln, NE

"Received the cards today in excellent condition. I appreciate that you don't charge extra for shipping to Hawaii (which seems to be the common practice on ebay). And speaking of ebay, I'm still waiting on a couple of cards that I bought there on October 15. Keep up the great work! And I hope to see something like this soon for non-sport cards, comics, and other similar collectibles."
- Chris, Honolulu, HI

"My sinere appreciation for the great customer service I get each and every time I shop at your store. The prices and fast delivery are GREAT and CAN NOT BE BEAT!

l'll keep on checking back for more great deals!"
- Jon, Venice, UT

"By the way, the last two orders I got from you were exceptionally packed and practically bullet proof, thanks big time, love it."
- Bob, Mariposa, CA

"I cannot believe the cards I now own, that are now in my collection. it would not have been possible without COMC.com (I live in the rural country, not in the big city) Thank you, thank you, thank you! by the way, Dpietrack has the best cards anywhere, I don t know how he does it.. ."
- blooperboy

"My overall experience so far on your site is great. I think this is a great idea and service and look forward to using it and watching it grow for a long time."
- Highlander23

"I wish I had run across checkoutmycards.com earlier in my search for Cowboy cards, I could have save a LOT of time and money!"
- Richard, Dallas, TX

"You're doing a terrific job , guys! Its nice to be able to sell my duplicates instead of them sitting around "collecting dust". You have made it all so simple and F-U-N !!"
- kardzphan

"I am a new member of your site and have joined in the last 2 weeks. (Texansfan) I sent in my first shipment of 200 cards using your 100 cards free coupon and some credit and have been very pleased with service, and how quickly cards are selling! I am putting together another shipment to send in... I will be sending 200-500 cards this time…

I look forward to future dealings on the site!"
- Texansfan

"I just recently made my second purchase through you guys, and must say thank you. Both times I have made purchases it has been for multiple cards and the total price including shipping has been very resonable. Being from Canada it is hard to find an American company that offers such competetive shipping rates. All the cards I have ordered have been in the exact condition as described and the packaging has been excellent. Once again Thank You and I look forward to more great deals."
- Jayme, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks for the super quick reply and the answer to my question! I have to say, the website is super-intuitive to use otherwise... congrats on that. I use so many different sorting modes depending on what I'm looking at, I think that's a mark of a really good interface. Glad to see that so many new cards are in fact being added, I'll definitely get mine into the mail this weekend. Thanks again --"
- oldharper

"Talk about a user friendly site. This is the place! I recently removed all my listings from SportsBuy (aka NAXCOM) and most of the cards are now on comc. Sales have been brisk. Keep up the tremendous work."
- alpthecards

"Thanks Steve
You and your team have been great!
Take care"
- Danny, San Jose, CA

"I just recently found your site and have already ordered two batches of Ryne Sandberg cards with assortment, ease, and quality all exceeding expectations. The buying experience stopped me from selling cards on ebay and got me looking through my assortment of cards at home which will soon lead me to sending you a couple hundred cards to sell. Thank you for this amazing site that is sure to keep on growing."
- Paul, Bloomington IN

"I placed an order with your site a few weeks ago, and received everything. I was very impressed with the pricing, and promptness of your company."
- John, Canonsburg, PA

"This is a short note to express how pleased I am with your site. I'm a new member and am thrilled 25 of my cards sold within the first five (5) days of availability. I initially thought I missed a step in your submission process because it's so ridiculously simple. I'm totally happy with checkoutmycards.com and haven't listed a card on eBay in the past three weeks. There's no need to to ever again suffer through that tedious process! I also want to recognize Jimmy and Mark in Customer Service and Operations Manager Steve for their assistance, knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you!"
- rookieprospect

"I wanted to thank you for your service and your awesome website. Your site has help me to complete some sets. I finally got my 1993 Topps Finest Baseball set complete.

Thanks again and will be sure to continue to do business with your website. I've told my friends about the site."
- Gary, Redmond, WA

"I found your site to be very user friendly. I am a computer novice and yet I have no trouble navigating my way around. Sometimes if I only know part of a player s name, I can type it in and bam, there s the player in question. Plus you are great because I m an insomniac and I can look at an endless supply of cards all night. Great!"
- Blooperboy

"Hey Tim & Co.:

I wanted to thank you guys for all of your help over the past few months. It really was a pleasure!

Also, I am completely out of cards"
- CPierznik

- jacbethke

"We really enjoy this website. We have received awesome cards. We just ordered some cards and received them within 3 days...remarkable!! I have placed orders going on a year now and I am 100% satisfied everytime. I highly recommend you to everybody!!! Keep up the good work!! I have chated on the phone before with customer service and they are very nice and great people to work with."
- Tony & Stephanie, Clarksville, IN

"Thanks so much, card received in excellent condiiton!
Very Pleased:)"
- Liz, Waimanalo, HI

"Talk about FAST! Got cards last night..

My sincere THANKYOU!

I will DEFFINANTLY be buying from you again!

- Jon, Glenwood, UT

"Hi, just a line to let you know I got my cards this morning here in S. Yorkshire. Great cards and good service. Many thanks."
- Raymond, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

"Just noticed I purchased card # 1,000 and have sold over 1,000. Thought that was pretty cool. Thanks again for providing an exciting way to collect."
- BmanBfan

"I appreciate the help and assitance your wonderful staff and service have provided not only to myself for the last 9 months but to the entire collecting hobby community. Thank you and I look forward to many more months of COMC"
- soundsportscards

"I just want to let someone from this company know how much i appreciate how well, and quick you get your orders sent out to me i really appreciate it. I'm a 16 year old baseball card collector, (I've been using my mothers credit card, with my money though) but I must say you guys have great service and seem real down to earth. I recemond your company to all my friends. I understand your invetory is somewhat limited, but you guys have a good variety enough for me to want to buy my cards from you guys, rather then anywhere else, just because of how quick i get it and just everything, thanks alot and ill be buying more in the future."
- Mickey, Holland, PA

"I like unusual cards and I can find them on your site. I especially like duo cards featuring two players on one card. You have a nice selection. The quality is first class and I would heartily recommend you to others."
- Blooperboy

"Yesterday was my sixth month anniversary as a seller on check out my cards. Thanks to Tim, Steve, Mark, and all of my friends at C.O.M.C. it has been a great fun experience. NO QUESTION Checkoutmycards is the best all round site of its kind in the world. The sky is the limit for the future, and it is exciting to be along for the ride. In my first six months I have sold over 2,700 cards with a book value of over $27,000. Where else could a first time seller do that? Thanks C.O.M.C. Keep up the good work"
- Dpietrack

"You guys have awesome customer service!"
- mrrosado

"Thanks for your great website, the people at blowoutcards love it"
- jacobbigshow

"i've been more than pleased w/ your company's service. the couple times i had to call for support were also positive.

thx, u guys are pros."
- bokeely

"Thanks Steve! I can't tell you how great your website is! I know I've only bought a few cards from it, but the ones that I have bought I couldn't find anywhere or the sellers wanted way to much money for them on other sites. Good luck with future e-business and I'll keep checking your site a lot more often."
- J, Wenatchee, WA

"WOW, super quick delivery. Thank you.

I had never heard about your website until someone mentioned it on Freedomcardboard.com. I found a number of cards for my PC and I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. Thank you and I’ll be sure to let everyone know about my great experience."
- Jared, Vancouver, BC

"I am extremely pleased with the funtionality of this website. I love to buy and sell on this site. The staff have been helpful.Before I discovered this site my cards were gathering dust. Keep up the good work!"
- ECards

"Thanks , guys.....Your efforts are very much appreciated....luv-the-site !!"
- Les, Rochester, NY

"I really like your site. I think the economies are on your side -- there are a lot more $1 cards out there than $100 cards. You've created a monster!

A newer loyal customer,"
- FlyingTiger

"By the way, your site has really made this already enjoyable hobby an even bigger pleasure. Thank you for the service you provide. I wish you the best of luck in the future!"
- BmanBfan

"You Guys (& Gals?) are GREAT! I love the card choices, the search system, the prices and how fast you ship.

- PJ, Orlando, FL

"Over the past couple of months, I've made CheckOutMyCards my most frequented card shop. It's a great site with amazing deals and reasonable shipping charges, so check it out if you haven't already.
[Excerpt from http://tulotrader.blogspot.com/2008/08/card-binge.html]"
- James, http://tulotrader.blogspot.com/

- Gary, Tucson, AZ

"Although I didn't find what I was looking for, I have to take the time to commend you on an incredible site. By far the most user friendly, easy on the eyes, impressive site I've ever seen!

Keep up the great work!"
- Ismael

"thanx, and keep the good job going"
- Julio, Duncanville, TX

"Hey I just wanted to say thanks. Your email was super fast, professional and the highest level of customer servie. Thanks it made my day."
- Stacy, Little Chute, WI

"COMC blows selling on Ebay away. No hassle and exceptionally fast and friendly service. Great business model which makes buying and selling simple!"
- NCWrestler

"Thank you very much. Appreciate the expediancy of delivery."
- Darlene, Alexander, AR

"COMC Rocks!!! I placed my order Wednesday 7-16 and had it in my hot little hands Friday 7-18!!! I live in Ohio and I can't get that kind of turnaround time from dealers here!! The cards were better than advertised. I'll keep coming back and tell all my collecting friends about you! THANX!!!"
- Bryan, Warren, OH

"I am very pleased to be utilizing your services and I intend to continue to send cards and sell them through your company. This is too easy.
Thank you very much - you folks do a great job !"
- rfleshin

"I just wanted to say this store is awsome!!! The prices are great and the shipping and handling is cheap and fast! Thank you checkoutmycards for everything!"
- Morgan, Visalia, CA

"Thanks to you and your team for the super speedy service!"
- j17

"The shipment arrived today. Great stuff !"
- Brian, Alberta, Canada

"I received them today. Great service. Will recommend to all."
- Daniel, Moriches, NY

"To all at CHECKOUTMYCARDS.COM, You guys rock. The very best for sports collecting"
- rustapark

"Thanks so much for continuing to provide the best customer service. I have been satisfied since day one!"
- cardtrader

"HI! Thanks for making it easy to find these old cards!"
- Joyce, Kings Park, NY

"Just a quick note to let you know that the goods were received today.
Items were as described and were in good order.
I hope to do business with you again in the future."
- Geoff, Sydney, Australia

"I wanted to thank you for the card I ordered from you. My husband was so thrilled, I guess there is someone for every card you have. As I told you he grew up with Billy so he thinks he is the best athlete ever. The quality and look of your item has him thinking that I pay a small fortune and I do not see any reason to tell him otherwise. "Do You"?"
- Teresa, Cleveland, GA

"Your site is AWESOME!!!"
- baseball31

"got the card today top notch card and service thank you much"
- Kevin, Akron, OH

"Great to see the site and sellers growing and growing. I just turned 40 and getting back into card collecting has reignited my passion for sports cards. I really feel like a kid again. The other day, I bought my first hockey card packs in over 15 years. I even got packs for father's day! It's all because I found COMC!

Thanks. I'm having so much fun!"
- Scott, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I love your website! I am at a point in life where I want to rebuild my collection. Thank you for your website and I am going to be a loyal customer!"
- George from Georgia

"Fantastic site....just stumbled on it. I will be a big buyer down the road and will open an account shortly."
- Brian from StocksandNews.com

"Received my cards today and am pleased with the cards and the service. I look forward to doing business with you all in the future."
- Fred, Sanford, FL

"Thanks for sales alert! Really like your site--will be sending and buying more!!"
- Tcmick7

"This is the best site EVER!
Thanks again Tim for the top of the line customer service! Keep up the great work!"
- cardtrader

"you are awesome ! Thanks, Steven"
- Steve7563

"I just received my orders that I placed on May !7th. (order #'s 17331, 17342 & 17344). The cards were in EXCELLENT shape and I am very pleased. I am very happy that I "stumbled" across your website a few months a go. It has reawakened my excitement for sports card collecting and I will continue to do all of my business with you. It can be very risky ordering cards from sites that you are unfamiliar with. I've heard horror stories of cards that were received in terrible condition or cards that were not even what the person ordered and there was no way to get their $ refunded. It's cool knowing I don't have to worry about that. It's nice to know there is still some integrity left in card collecting. Thanks."
- Cody, Philadelphia, MS

"Thanks Steve. Look forward to receiving the cards.
Always a pleasure dealing with CheckOutMyCards.
Keep up the excellent service... you're all doing a great job."
- Robert, Ontario, Canada

"I have been looking at your website and think it is the best trading card website around."
- Peter, Australia

"Thanks! Your employees are doing great work! Tell them to keep it up!"
- EELindy

"Over all , very very pleased with everything.....the scans are fantastic! Thank you for all the hard work by your "crew".....If I lived out there I'd probably be applying for a job!"
- kardzphan

"Dear CheckOutMyCards Team,
I was looking to find Cubs and White Sox players from the 60's and 70's to give as part of welcoming gifts for a baseball themed reunion I am hosting the end of June. Your website was perfect. No stores in my area had what I was looking for. I look forward to the cards arrival. Thank you."
- Larry, Algonquin, Illinois

- CardPimp

"I really love what the site has done in terms of re-igniting my joy of card collecting. It's made me feel like a kid many times looking back at the old cards and remembering what it was like to collect cards when I was a "little" younger than I am now - hahaha."
- HabsFan24

"Congrats Tim and co.! I've been subscribed to your blog and following the company since it's inception and it's awesome to see a young, tech-savvy startup like this in the industry. Every chance I get to hype you guys up to someone in the collectibles world I always slip in a little plug and say I see a ton of potential in what you're doing.

Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see how you grow :)"
- Adam from SportsLizard.com

"I have to say, you have thought up a great concept here, you have hit a part of the market that has been empty for way too long."
- Brian

"Very nice site. One of a kind I think! I was glad I found you on Google!!!!"
- Michael, Tarboro, NC

"I have became a hobby enthusiast over the years. Sports cards have become a 7th sense to me and this is the site to use. I cannot tell you how useful this site is to the average collector. Thanks for all your hard work on this "part time job". Keep up the great work!"
- Charlie

"Dear Tim and Steve,
I was very impressed with the scans of the first batch of cards I sent you. It was clear that your staff was conscientious in their work I reviewed all 430 listings and found zero errors. I'm looking forward to working with you in the future and watching Check Out My Cards grow."
- Dpietrack

"The package was received today and everything is as expected.

Thank you for your prompt service and I hope to do business with you again in the future."
- Geoff, Sidney, Australia

"You guys are the fastest shippers on the planet!!!!!!! Great cards too!!! I have an account with you and will be sending cards in very soon. Thanks again for the great cards and super fast shipping."
- Kyle, Watsontown, PA

"I'm liking the site better every time I use it.
The cards looked great on the site. I'm pretty stoked about the way this is set up."
- Dan, Portland, OR

"Thanks for the service. I will be adding a lot more cards once I get to organize some stuff. It's a great place to not only sell to the public but wholesale to some of the dealers already there. I could see them digging right into my discounted cards."
- VinnyH

"I received the item and its perfect. The card is from 1969 and it looks like new."
- John, Marblehead, MA

"You have a great site, keep up the good work !!"
- Trackman54

"Got them and was very impressed with the speed of delivery and quality of the cards. Will order more soon."
- Bobby, Winter Park, FL

"Good luck with your site - I go there every once in a while when I'm sick of looking at all the junk on ebay. You've got a lot of good stuff listed!"
- Michael

"Let me thank you for the great service you've given me regarding the order i've placed on 1st of february. The cards are in very good condition and the package was so appropriate.
I just wanted to tell you my satisfaction with my cards and the way this order has been treated. Very good service and nice communications.
I will do business again with you."
- Léandre, Quebec, Canada

"I have been really impressed with the site and look forward to using it in the future. You helped me find some really obscure cards for my Scott Niedermayer collection - and for excellent prices. The invoice you sent is really impressive, too!"
- Suzanne, Nashville, TN

"Just a quick note to let you know that the cards arrived today in great shape and how pleased I am with your service."
- Alan, Newark, Delaware

"The package was received yesterday. Thank you. This was the first time I have ordered from a site like yours the experience was easy and I feel sure we will be doing business in the future.
Good day to you,"
- Shannon, Guyton, GA

"What a great website! I am a new user but I love what you have done... Thanks and keep up the great work!"
- GrahamsCards

"Hi Tim - Thanks for the great service . . . just to get things started, please list all of my cards at 50% off the Beckett high price. Thanks again, I look forward to doing lots of business with you."
- Steve, St. Louis, MO

"Thank you for responding to my email .seriously i been looking for a site to sell my cards on for awhile... now i found a great site. i think ur site is better then ebay."
- Boomer G.

"Tim, thanks I will go ahead and create that account. Thanks for the heads-up on the delay. I will continue to shop with you due in no small part to your outstanding customer service."
- John, Fort Walton Beach, FL

"I was very impressed with the quality of your site and knew immediately that this was not your ordinary collector or fans site. I immediately bookmarked your site for future reference and possible card purchases. I also noticed you share your images, that's a practice not seen everyday… you have a fantastic web site."
- Marty O.

"Hey! i just wanted to say that this is a great way to sell cards! It seems that its a way to get the cards into the hands of people who want them-not just to sell either-i mean where else could i sell a rob johnson minor league auto card? no one is gonna buy that to try and resell! maybe they will! Anyway this has been a lot of fun"
- prestongillespie

"Shipment arrived in good shape. Pleased with the product. Hope to do more business down the road."
- Richard, Friendship, WI

"Thank you so much for shipping my cards priority, I received them yesterday and they look great.
I was very pleased & 100% satisfied with the cards, condition, & the way they were packaged. The prices were reasonable as well.
I promise you I will be buying from your company again.
Thanks so much!!!"
- Stephanie, Jeffersonville, IN

"Looks like your site is getting much more active lately. It looks great!"
- Mike, Marysville, WA

"First I would like to say how GREAT I have found your site..In todays world it is so hard to find a "safe" and honest web site that delivers what it says.. Keep up the outstanding job."
- Dave, Depew, NY

"Thanks for your quick handling. I received card in the mail at 1:00pm today 12/07/2007
[Order placed 12/05/2007 4:08 PM]"
- Russ, Tulsa, OK

"Thanks again for your help. Your site was easy to use and I found what I wanted."
- Justin, St. Louis Park, MN

"Awesome, what a great site you have!! Look forward to using it!"
- Ray, Bristow, VA

"I received my card today and it is in beautiful condition. Thank you."
- Debbie, Ocoee, FL

"Great service. I will use it again."
- Randy, Fairfield, OH

"I am very impressed about you notifying me of PRICE CHANGES in the Beckett for my cards... I am very satisfied with your set-up and procedures. I plan on sending more cards in the near future. Congrats on your ever-growing population of cards and interest level in your site."
- wildpionther10

"I have been very pleased with the selling experience. On returning from the National in Cleveland, I decided to try your site and I have been impressed. I like the fact that you reduced the posting fee and simplified the commission schedule. I was also pleased to see an increase in the number of older cards that have been listed(my particular bailiwick). As a longtime collector and not a dealer, your site makes it easy for me sell surplus cards with a minimum of time expended(as opposed to EBAY). I hope that as time goes along, more people will become aware of the site and you will have more traffic. I like the option for buyers to make offers and the quality of the scanned images are great."
- bfarbman

"i really like youir site i hope you add more cards images to your site"
- K T

"I am very happy with "Check Out My Cards". As a buyer I can see the exact card that I'm purchasing and, as a seller, I just give the staff of COMC the cards that I want to sell and they take care of EVERYTHING; no more taking time to list all of my cards by hand or running to the post office.

[This testimonial came two months before Steve started working for us.]"
- SteveSC

"I'd just like to thank you for the great cards and speedy delivery, Will definitely be looking to purchase more! Arrived safe and sound, and quickly considering it was international post. Have ordered stuff from the beckett site before, and yours is way easier to use."
- Matt, Wellington, New Zealand

"Your site and functions are amazing! It looks like you guys have not missed a thing and have thought of everything you can to corner this market! You guys are well on your way to becoming a powerhouse!"
- Jason B.

"I was interested in your site because I had had problems before selling cards on ebay in particular… I am definitely going to use your service and pay both the 0.20 per card and the 20% commission on "cashing out."

I appreciate your excellent website concept as a web developer myself. :)"
- Ian R.

"Thank you for posting all the cards. I think the site looks great."

"Thanks. After I received my first batch of cards that I ordered from your site, I promptly logged back in and purchased more. Thats how impressed I am with your service. The site is remarkably easy to navigate and makes the shopping experience quite fun and addictive [which is of course to both the customer's and your advantage =)]. The shipping costs are the cheapest I've seen and the delivery time is pretty darn fast too (less than a week from the US to Australia).

Now only if you could chase up some vital cards in my collection for me...

Keep it up and even if I am moving overseas in a week I will still keep on shopping with you guys as longs as you have the cards I want"
- Arthur, New South Wales, Australia

"Hi. I just wanted to let you know that the cards arrived today. They are in great condition and well-packed. I am very happy with my purchase and I would order from you again. Thank you for the good deal and excellent service."
- Matt, Portland, OR

"Great site and I wish I had your knowlege on how to build a site like this, congrats on a great site."
- Jay M.

"I’m enjoying this site a lot and will certainly be back. I just got back into the hobby after about 10 years away and am in the process of going through my childhood collection and the collections I recently got on ebay / garage sales (~15K cards for $20!). I think this site looks like a wonderful resource for “getting rid” of cards I don’t need and getting specific ones I’m interested in."
- Chris W.

"I can already see it, u r the next ebay but better and more people freindly. Good luck to u and your company."
- Amit, Fort Pierce, FL

"Thank you. Your site is excellent! I appreciate your help with everything!"
- Jake, Flemington, NJ

"Thanks Tim! (for your prior email)

... i guess i went nuts and bought "26 cards" (i.e., more than the 10 to 20, I originally thought, but am DELIGHTED!)"
- Scott, Honolulu, HI

"Nice job on the site! It is truly an impressive combination of technology and passion."
- Kevin, Denver, CO

"Thanks, your service (and the website) is absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!"
- Jerry, Palm Bay, FL

"Very, very nice site…and service is first-rate. Told some of my friends about this. Keep up the great work!"
- Jerry A.

"The cards arrived today (Friday) in great shape!

Thanks very much, I will be back with another order."
- Bernard, The Netherlands

"I just found your site tonight. It is a very interesting concept… One of the things that struck me first about your site is it is a great place to find the pictures of the cards I need to fill my want list. It made it quick and easy to see exactly what I was looking for."
- Joey A.

"I really like the way your web site is set up… I like the way your search and cart are set up."
- K. B.

- Tim C.

"Buying the exact card viewed is GREAT! Very cool indeed."
- Jerry A.

"do you know if anyother website like yours exist on the internet? I'm curious because I think this is a much better way to purchase from than ebay."
- James, Decator, GA

"I just bought some cards from your site for my son. I was VERY IMPRESSED at the way you set up your website and cart."
- Joe, Massapequa, NY

"I enjoy your website! I have many cards that I would like to sell in a similiar mannor…"
- Derek, Daytona, FL

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