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  • 1 Research / Identify your trading cards or collectibles
  • 2 Evaluate the condition of your items
  • 3 Scan the front & back of your items (we take high-resolution scans with our patented system)
  • 4 Load your items into your account
  • 5 Advertise your items
  • 6 Package / Ship your items securely
  • 7 Store / Insure your items
  • 8 Handle all customer service needs

COMC does all of the above and saves you time and money

  • Value of time at $15/hour; the value of your time may be higher or lower.
  • Estimated postage costs, listing fees, and shipping supplies
  • Profit
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Sell a card for $10 on COMC

  • This chart is only an example, used to illustrate potential time and money saved with COMC and it in no way represents a claim of final breakdowns or final sale prices; fees are subject to change.

More unique services for selling cards and collectibles online with COMC

Amazon Listing

Your items can be automatically listed on our store.

Historical Sales Data

When pricing your cards, you can have free access to COMC historical price data for card values by playing COMC Challenges.

No Shipping Cost for Sellers

When an item sells, we take care of shipping at no cost to you. No headaches for international shipping.

Keep All Profit

Our cashout fee is optional. You can choose not to cash out and keep all your money as store credit to buy more baseball cards online from our marketplace.

Mailbox Service

Buy cards from anywhere in the world and have them shipped to your COMC account for just $1 per card.

Insured Items

All of your items will be insured and protected; high-end item are secured in a vault.


Grade Your Cards

Once cards are in your account, you can have them BGS graded with a click of a button.

Canadian Warehouse

No international shipping hassle for Canadian sellers. Mail your cards to our Canadian location.

Suggested Prices

Wondering about card values? Suggested Prices subscription holders get suggested prices and price history. Learn about suggested prices.