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  • 1 History Point for every 10 COMC Challenge Points earned.
  • Note: These History Points expire after 30 days.
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  • 1 History Point for every $1 purchased
  • Note: These History Points expire after 30 days.
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What are History Points?

Displaying historical sales data is one of the coolest features we have added in a long time. We recognize that this data is very valuable, but rather than just selling the data, we have decided to come up with some more creative ways for people to earn access to this data. This is where History Points come in.

How to Use History Points

To get this started, we only have one way that History Points can be used. One History Point is used each time you click on an asking price to view the historical sales data. Once you use a History Point, it is good for all conditions of that product for the next 24 hours.

Historical Sales Data

We recognized that COMC is a very active marketplace were items are frequently bought and sold without necessarily getting shipped. Because of this, we have decided not to make any historical sales data available while an item is still in our posession. We may reference how many times transactions occured on the site, but we won't release any information about the sale price until an item has shipped.

Once an item has shipped, we actually calculate the total price paid by the buyer. For example if a buyer buys an item for $1 and then pays $3.99 for shipping, that would be a purchase price of $4.99. If another buyer bought 100 items for $1 each and paid $3.99 for shipping, that would only be $1.04 per item. This is a much more accurate representation of what people are actually willing to pay for an item. Since we are continuing to find innovative ways to reduce the cost of shipping (e.g. in-store and at-show pick-up programs), we will continue to get the price the seller collects closer and closer to the amount the buyer is willing to pay.