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Hottest Players in All Sports

Player Heat Index
Igor Shesterkin 93.60
David Ayres 90.80
Jadon Sancho 84.60
Treyton Welch 82.80
Jonathan Taylor 82.70
Martin Fehervary 82.10
Joel Farabee 80.20
Zion Williamson 79.20
Ja Morant 77.00
Alphonso Davies 75.90

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Top Players in All Sports

Top 100 Players
Player Total SRP
Connor McDavid $1,519,363
Auston Matthews $1,364,886
Michael Jordan HOF $981,322
Kobe Bryant $564,123
Derek Jeter $545,667
LeBron James $536,246
Mike Trout $506,885
Patrik Laine $503,354
Ken Griffey Jr. $470,467
Luka Doncic $465,735

* Based on total SRP consigned