How Much are my Cards Worth?

How to Get Suggested Prices

COMC is currently BETA testing its Suggested Prices. There are 2 ways to see Suggested Prices during the BETA testing period.

Consign Items for Sale

The original seller of an item gets free access to the SRP if it is available for the item.
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Buy an 1 Year Subscription

For a limited time we are selling Suggested Price 1 Year subscriptions for only $99. This gives you full access to the SRP, SLP, and SWP from now through Wednesday, July 23rd, 2025 11:59 PM PDT.

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Make Better Decisions Informed by Real Data!

We have many years of sales data to analyze. We sell a lot of cards, and just because there are many cards in stock at a given time, it doesn't necessarily mean the card isn't selling. Sales history makes it easier to determine a card's value. A 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. is a great example of a card that that we often have multiple in stock, but also sells well. We've sold hundreds of this card!

See Card Values Over Time

Suggested Prices subscription holders (see above) get to see additional price history along with card sales. Mouse over these charts to see current values!

4 Years of Sales

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Use this pricing information to determine what prices to set for selling your cards quickly, or to extract the maximum value. Sellers might want to use historical sales data to determine which cards to send in. Make better decisions that are informed by sales data!

Where is the Chart?

When browsing card listings, click the or listing price of any card (login required).

Example of History Sales Data

What are Suggested Prices?

Every day COMC analyzes millions of historical sales to offer three simple price suggestions.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP)

The SRP is designed to be a fair retail price. As a buyer, this is a reasonable price to pay for an item from a retail outlet such as a card shop.

Suggested List Price (SLP)

The SLP is designed to be an optimal List Price when a COMC seller puts an item up for sale. We analyze prices that real buyers actually paid in order to take possession of the items they purchased. This price approximates what buyers are willing to pay to get an item in their hands. This is intentionally higher than the average sale price so that there is a little room for buyers to negotiate with the sellers by making offers. The SRP (above) is a standard markup on the SLP that reflects a premium that a buyer might expect to pay in order to instantly walk away with a product instead of having to wait for it to be shipped.

Suggested Wholesale Price (SWP)

The SWP is designed to reflect the price a seller can reasonably expect to receive if they wish to sell an item quickly. We analyze a different set of data for the SWP than we do for the SLP. In the SWP case we are analyzing the prices that sellers are actually receiving. The relationship between SWP and SLP is not fixed. In some cases sellers are willing to dump items at prices significantly lower than what buyers are willing to pay. In other cases, sellers rarely discount particular items and the SWP price is a lot closer to the SLP.


We are BETA testing the suggested prices. We have not worked out all of the kinks yet. Also, we are only offering suggestions for items that we have sold several times. Once our catalog is more accurate and complete, we will begin using similar attributes to help extrapolate prices to items that haven't sold as frequently.