Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship items purchased with COMC Credit?

From your Dashboard, view the items you own by clicking Inventory Manager. Then, select Add to Shipment from the Actions menu next to each item you want to ship. After you add the items to your shipment, select Request Shipment from the Buyer Menu on your Dashboard and follow the steps to confirm your shipment request.

The email address associated with my PayPal and COMC accounts are different. How do I cash out COMC Credit with PayPal?

Click here to add the email address used for your COMC account to your existing PayPal account. Once your email is added, you may cash out with PayPal using the email address associated with your COMC account.

Can I ever ship some or all of my consigned items back to me?

Yes, all of your items remain in your control at all times. From the Actions menu in your Inventory Manager, select Add to Shipment for each item you want returned. Then, from the Buyer Menu on your Dashboard, select Request Shipment and follow the steps to confirm your shipment. The per-item shipping fee will be charged in addition to the shipping rate. If you are returning large quantities of items, please contact Customer Relations for a freight quote.

Is it true that COMC uses actual photos?

Yes. Every item consigned with COMC is represented by a scan of the actual item. The item you see is the item you will receive! You may notice some items have "Stock Image" text associated with them. These images represent uncirculated items provided to us directly from the manufacturer. You can learn more about Uncirculated Stock Images here.

Do you have a store that we can visit? I want to be able to look at the physical card.

No, we do not have a physical storefront, and our office is not open to the public.

Does COMC make grading decisions on cards (Mint, Near-Mint, Fair, etc.)?

We believe that, since every card is individually scanned front-and-back and can be zoomed in on up to four times the normal size of the card, there are many things you can see that are even more obvious than when looking at the card in your hand. Any difficult-to-see things, such as creases that might not be as apparent on the scan, are listed in the condition notes that will be next to the “Add to Cart” button if there are any. A modern item (manufactured 1980 or later) can be expected to be in NM-MT condition or better if no condition notes (such as “surface impressions”) or condition ranges (such as “VG-EX”) are explicitly stated. Vintage items (1979 and earlier) will show their condition range as assessed by us as part of their listings.

How do I make offers on cards I want?

The "Make Offer" button can only be used by members with store credit. To set up a free account, click here.

What is the cost of International Shipping? How do I know what countries COMC ships to?

We ship all over the world. If the USPS ships there, we ship there. See shipping fees here

Is there a fee to purchase Store Credit?

Store credit is a straight 1:1 exchange. You purchase $10 in Store Credit, you get $10 in Store Credit. Unused Store Credit can be refunded from the Cash-Out Store Credit page without paying the 10% Cash-Out Fee if the refund request is placed within 30 days of purchasing the Store Credit.

How do I cash out the remaining store credit that I purchased less than 30 days ago and get back the entire remaining amount (no cashout fee)?

Vist the Cash-Out Store Credit page, select "Request a Refund", and follow the instructions.

What types of payments does COMC accept?

We use PayPal to do our credit card processing, but you don't need a PayPal account to send us a payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck, PayPal, check, money order, and cash (if you catch us at a card show).

Can I purchase from COMC over the phone?

If you would like assistance with placing an order, please contact Customer Relations.

Does COMC have want lists?

In the near future, we hope to add a feature that will allow you to enter your want list so our sellers know which items to send in. For the time being you can set up your computer to save your favorite searches by following our step-by-step tutorial.

I can't find a particular card on the site. Can I call to see if it's in stock but not on the site?

Everything that is available for purchase is on the site. Each day we are putting thousands of cards up on the site, so keep checking the site, or you can use this step-by-step tutorial to save your favorite searches on your home computer.

Will COMC buy my cards?

We don't buy cards, but the whole purpose of our site is to help people safely and easily sell cards.
Learn how to sell your cards on this site

Will COMC trade cards with me?

Not yet. We hope to add some features to enable trading in the future, but for now you can simply use our site to buy and sell cards.
Stay tuned for future announcements

How do I list my cards for sale on this website?

Here is an overview of how to sell on our site.
Here are instructions for how to ship your cards to us.

Can I use the images from this site in my blog?

Yes, just follow the instructions for using our images.

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