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Using Submission Wizard and include the paper work in your package when sending us your items.
This will help us process all your items as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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Processing Times and Rates

We can save you lots of time and money when you consign your items with us. See Selling Rates for details on all of the processing services we currently offer.

Benefit of Sending Cards to COMC

Let COMC do the work to get your collectibles online. All you need to do is set asking prices and respond to offers. We'll even take care of shipping and payment processing. Find out more: Sell baseball cards & other collectibles with COMC.
Use your store credit to buy baseball cards online at COMC.

Supported Items

Currently supported collectibles for consignment:

  • Sports Cards
  • Trading Cards
  • Gaming Cards
  • Comics

Supported Grading Services

Consigned cards from a grading service not listed above will be marked as unsupported and may not be listed for sale. You can choose to have them graded through a third-party grader or shipped back in a shipment request. Both supported and unsupported graded cards use the same processing and shipping rates. See Selling Rates for details.

Unsupported Items

DO NOT send us any of the following:

If you send us any items listed below, we will send them back to you.

Unopened packs

Unopened boxes

Altered cards

Cards that have been trimmed, doctored, or otherwise altered will not be allowed on the site.

Factory sealed complete sets

In the future we will add support for lots and sets, but we still plan to scan every card in the lot or set. We don't currently have plans to support factory sealed sets.


We accept memorabilia cards, but we don't currently support pennants, plaques, jerseys, bats, etc.

Cards not worth putting on the site

Our rule of thumb is that we try to make our service cost effective for cards that sell for $1 or more. However, many cards worth less than $1 may still be worth putting on the site (e.g. vintage commons and commons from newly released products).

Damaged cards

The condition of a card can significantly affect its value. We try to weed out cards buyers might not be happy with. Normal wear for vintage cards may be fine, but we will return creased or wrinkled cards. We occasionally make exceptions for vintage cards that still hold significant value, and in these cases we will take the time to document the flaws that may not appear in the scan. Buyer satisfaction is guaranteed. If a customer is not satisfied with the condition of the card, it may be returned to you.

Counterfeit and Fake cards

Selling through COMC is not like selling through other websites. We police the items for sale on our site to ensure the safety of our buyers. It is illegal to intentionally sell counterfeit or fake cards as if they are authentic. If you send us any card that has known counterfeits or we are not certain of its authenticity, we will have the card reviewed by a third party. If the item is found to be counterfeit, we may have to keep it as evidence. If you were intentionally trying to defraud a potential buyer, we will report it to the authorities.

COMC reserves the right to decline to process any item for any reason. If you send us items for consignment we are unable to process, they will added to your account as Declined Items and you will not be charged a processing fee for those items. You may add Declined Items to any shipment request to have those items returned to you.

Customer Returns

Occasionally a customer will return an item to us. We reserve the right to reverse transactions on these items and return cards to seller's accounts. If we determine COMC is responsible for damaging a returned item, we will not reverse the transaction. Sellers will be notified of any order reversals by email.

Packaging Instructions

You are responsible for making sure your cards arrive safely. Assume your package will be tossed around while in transit. Please use one of the following techniques for packing the cards.

Cardboard boxes - Place raw cards directly in cardboard boxes and insert the box into a larger box with newspaper or other padding.
COMC Recommends: Stop by your local post office and pick up a flat rate box. The boxes are free and work great as the outer box. Postage is about $10-$15 per box. You can easily fit 500-2,000 cards in a box.

Penny sleeves & cardboard boxes - Protect raw cards with penny sleeves and place them into a 100-400 count cardboard box . If you use multiple boxes or boxes larger than 400 count, you MUST pack them into a larger box and cushion with newspaper or other padding.

2-Piece slider boxes - Place raw cards directly into 2-piece slider boxes , tape the slider boxes shut, then pack them in a larger box with newspaper or other padding.

If cards are shipped to us in toploaders or other hard cases, we charge 50¢ per card for removal from their holders. Penny sleeves are removed at no extra charge.

Shipping Instructions

You are welcome to use any shipper you would like, but we require some form of tracking number or delivery confirmation.

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