About COMC (Check Out My Collectibles)

Check Out My LLC

Check Out My LLC, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded on December 21st, 2005.
Our mission is to "Optimize Enjoyment: Maximize what you care about; minimize what you don't."


COMC.com takes the latest technology and applies it to card collecting. We desire to continually impress our customers by offering the best service and making it easier and more fun to buy cards online!

At COMC.com we have something special. Hopefully this is apparent from our website. We are excited for the future and the new, original functionality that we are bringing to the collector community.

From CheckOutMyCards.com to COMC.com

We love the Check Out My Cards brand, but from the beginning it was common for people to refer to us as COMC. In the summer of 2011, we had an opportunity to purchase COMC.com, and we began the transition from CheckOutMyCards.com to COMC.com.

Our Story

At Tim's 10 year high school reunion (November 2006), he ran into a longtime friend, Akash Garg, co-founder of hi5.com. This inspired Tim to take CheckOutMyCards.com to the next level. On that same trip, Tim and Julia ran into another friend, Andy Bird, who was looking for the next "garage startup." By the end of February 2007, Andy moved to Seattle to join the team, and Julia resigned from her position at the law firm. For most of 2007 Andy and Julia worked fulltime on CheckOutMyCards.com while Tim worked fulltime at Microsoft and part-time on CheckOutMyCards.com.

In November of 2007 Tim left Microsoft to simplify his life and focus on the website. At this point, Andy had done an excellent job on the website and it was time for him to move on to bigger things. He joined Serena Software as a user experience developer.

Soon after leaving Microsoft, Tim started getting recruited by other software companies and book publishers. One person recruiting Tim was Jon Herlocker, a fellow grad student from the University of Minnesota. He was a professor at Oregon State University that had spun off some of his research as a new product called Smart Desktop. The product had been purchased by another Seattle area startup, and they were looking for a program manager that had Tim's skills. This was an opportunity to see the inside of a startup. Tim was very interested to watch the growth strategy of a successful startup.

In December of 2007, Tim joined the Smart Desktop team, and CheckOutMyCards.com hired Steve Hollander. The expectation was that in the next year or so CheckOutMyCards.com would grow enough that they would need to move into a warehouse and need to hire several more employees. Tim also figured that around that time, Smart Desktop might get acquired, and it would be a good time to take what he would learn and focus on CheckOutMyCards.com again.

Things escalated much faster than Tim had expected, and within four months CheckOutMyCards.com needed to move into a warehouse and Smart Desktop was being acquired by EMC2.

During the spring of 2008, CheckOutMyCards.com grew to five fulltime employees and four part-time employees. We moved into a warehouse that is literally across the street from the Microsoft main campus in Redmond, WA. By the end of May, Tim finally transitioned to working on CheckOutMyCards.com exclusively.

In the winter of 2010 we maxed out our first warehouse and moved to a new location that was three times larger. We had 12 employees and our goal was to reach 25-30 employees within the next three years.

Fast-forward to summer 2011... It is just a year and a half later, and we now have 23 employees. We are already on the verge of outgrowing our second warehouse, and we are actively looking to hire more employees.

Fast-forward to summer 2012... It is just a year later, and we now have 40 employees. Last winter we moved into a 27,000sqft building, and we are still actively looking to hire more employees.


Tim Getsch, MS

Founder & CEO
Tim's Photo

Tim grew up in Minnesota as an avid collector of baseball, basketball, and hockey cards. He fell in love with numbers at a young age and went on to earn a BS in Math at age 19 and a MS in Computer Science, both from the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota. In 1999, Tim was hired by Microsoft as a Program Manager on Excel. In 2001, Tim switched to Microsoft Access. Tim left Microsoft in October of 2007 as the most tenured Program Manager on the team.
Tim started dreaming about the possibilities of a centralized sports card exchange in the fall of 2003. He built software in Microsoft Access to analyze and bid on eBay auctions, and he built LowPriceCards.com as an outlet to sell excess inventory purchased from eBay. In the fall of 2006, Tim started building CheckOutMyCards.com as a successor to LowPriceCards.com, so users could post and manage their online inventory.

More detailed history and vision for CheckOutMyCards.com

Tim's username is TimGetsch. He also manages the cards in the LowPriceCards account.

Steve Hollander

Steve Hollander's Photo

Steve has been an active dealer at card shows since the early 80's. Tim and Steve first met at a card show in the Seattle area. Steve was the second dealer to beta-test our consignment services, and he was the first seller to aggressively pursue listing cards on CheckOutMyCards.com. As the site grew, Steve made it known that he wanted to be informed as soon as we started accepting resumes. In December of 2007, Steve became employee #4, and by January of 2008 he became our first full-time team member focusing on processing and shipping cards.

Steve Hollander's username is SteveSC.

Heather Hollander

Heather Hollander's Photo

Daughter of Steve Hollander, Heather grew up around cards. For years she has helped her dad sort cards and man booths at card shows. She has been an active member of the Police Explorers, and recently graduated from Kentridge High School.

Heather Hollander's username is Heather714.

David Wright

David Wright's Photo

Like nearly everyone that grew up in the 80's & 90's, David was an avid card collector. Since the summer of 2008 he has been a value member of the CheckOutMyCards.com team. Dave is also training his dog Truman to be a theropy dog.

David Wright's username is makeanoffer.

Jade Aspiras

Jade Aspiras's Photo

Jade has been a serious card collector since 1986. In the early 90’s Jade started setting up at card shows and working for a card shop in the Factoria Mall. In 2001 Jade met Geoff Holland and worked at Sports Card Mint until the summer of 2009 when he joined CheckOutMyCards.com.

Jade Aspiras's username is JVsportscards.

Geoff Holland

Geoff Holland's Photo

Geoff has been a serious card collector since the early 80's. Through the 90's he frequently set up at card shows. He got is degree in marketing from Eastern Washington University, and worked for UPS and FedEx before following his dream of starting a card shop. In 2001 he opened Sports Card Mint near Seattle. Geoff had many faithful customers, but with the downturn in the economy, it was finally time to close the doors in the summer of 2009. Soon after that, Geoff joined the CheckOutMyCards.com team and has been a tremendous help to our shipping department.

Geoff Holland's username is SportsCardMint.

Doug Lowe

Doug Lowe's Photo

Doug has been an avid collector since taking up the hobby as a 12-year-old. The long-time Snohomish County resident graduated from Mariner High School in Everett and played basketball at Skagit Valley Community College and Everett Community College. His background prior to joining the COMC staff in March 2010 was in both shipping and sports cards, as he spent 15 years with UPS and much of the last decade as an eBay seller. Doug often traveled across the country prospecting for potential cards he could submit for grading. Doug, who has two teenage daughters and a collie lab Rosie, currently resides in Marysville and still plays hoops year-round in various Eastside men’s leagues.

Doug Lowe's username is Highgradeplus.

Greg Long

Greg Long's Photo

Greg Long joined our team in the spring of 2010. He had spent the previous year dealing cards on various sports card trade sites and at local area card shows. Greg grew up in Kent, WA, and first started collecting in 1988 at Eagle’s Baseball Card Shop (owned by one of our top consignors, eaglescards). His affinity for wrestling cards soon turned into a love for many of the other sports. As a young boy, he would recite stats he had learned from the backs of cards to impress his mother’s co-workers. Greg's childhood idol was high-flying SuperSonic Shawn Kemp, but Greg fell out of the sports card industry for a few years before renewing his interest for good when LeBron James arrived in the NBA. Greg lives in Kirkland with his 16-month-old daughter Lilian.

Greg Long's username is greaz253.

Founding team members

Julia Getsch, MA

Business Manager
Julia Getsch, MA's Photo

Julia grew up in the Midwest and has lived in the Seattle area since 2000. She completed her BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Culture and Social Justice at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. As the top graduate, she was selected by the Dean to assist him in developing a young program and running a successful graduate school. She served as a director and adjunct faculty. After her university time, Julia worked for a law firm with a focus on business law (www.changlawgroup.com). These experiences led to her desire to begin a start-up, and she was thrilled with the prospect of starting CheckOutMyCards.com. Julia also serves on the board of the Iranian American Community Alliance (www.iaca-seattle.org) and as Co-Chair of the Civic Action Committee.

Julia Getsch, MA's username is juliagetsch.

Andrew Bird

Software Design Engineer
Andrew Bird's Photo

Andrew has been passionate about computers since he was very young. After high school, Andrew studied computer programming at Hennepin Technical College in Eden Prairie, MN. Over the course of his studies, he fell in love with web development and began to vigorously study it outside the classroom. In 2002, Andrew began building websites for friends, family, and himself. Through personal independent study, Andrew became well-versed and impassioned with the concepts of web standards, semantic development, search engine optimization, user interface design, and information architecture.

In 2005, Andrew accepted a web developer position with Saint Paul College in St Paul, Minnesota. Less than a year after starting at the College, Andrew taught a Web Design class and served as adjunct faculty as well as web developer. In February 2007, Andrew walked away from a promotion at Saint Paul College to join the CheckOutMyCards.com team.

In November 2007, Andrew wrapped up his amazing efforts on CheckOutMyCards.com and started working on a much larger web development project at Serena Software in Bellevue, Washington.

Andrew Bird's username is andybird.