COMC Mailbox Service

Buy cards from anywhere in the world and have them shipped to your COMC account for just $1 per card.

  • Trading Cards only
  • $1 per card (any size, including graded/encased)
  • No minimum quantity of items
  • Cards are added to your account 1-3 business days from delivery

Great for...

  • International Customers
  • Group Break Participants
  • Resellers

When we receive a package addressed to your Mailbox, we will email you a notification and begin to process your cards immediately. You are billed once the cards are added to your COMC account. If we have issues with your cards, such as authenticity concerns, we will contact you before we add them to your account; you may still be charged for the services of our card experts. The account holder is responsible for any costs to ship items back to the original sender.

Bonus Card Policy

Some shippers include bonus cards with packages they send. All items included in a package sent to your COMC Mailbox are processed at $1 per card. If you find any bonus cards were added to your account, you can receive a refund of this processing charge if you select the Donate to Charity option from your Inventory Manager.

How to Ship to a COMC Mailbox


Write your return address on the outside of the package and send to:

  • Mailboxes
  • C/O [buyer's COMC username]
  • 6727 - 185th Ave NE
  • Redmond, WA 98052
  • United States


Package the contents of shipment into a box or bubble mailer

  • Securely enclose ONLY the items the recipient expects to receive
  • Include a packing slip when applicable
  • Seal the outside of the package with packing tape


Drop your package off at the post office or other parcel service

  • Affix tracking/delivery confirmation number to the outside of the package
  • Ensure proper postage is paid (your customer is charged the difference)
  • Ship it!