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2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! Absolute Powerforce Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #ABPF-EN082

Alchemist of Black Spells (Ultra Rare)

2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! Gold Series 1 Limited Edition Box Collection #GLD1-EN027

Prometheus, King of the Shadows

2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyberdark Impact Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #CDIP-EN002

Cyberdark Edge

2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! Enemy of Justice Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #EOJ-EN003.1

Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude

2006 Yu-Gi-Oh! Shadow of Infinity Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #SOI-EN021.1

Chainsaw Insect (Rare)

2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Revelation Volume 1 Booster Pack [Base] #DR1-EN098

Spell Shield Type-8

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Sanctuary Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #AST-020

Needle Burrower

2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Revelation Volume 1 Booster Pack [Base] #DR1-EN151

Amazoness Archers

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2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Pharaoh's Servant Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #PSV-011

Dust Tornado

2 from
2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Exclusive Pack - Pyramid of Light Movie [Base] #EP1-EN001

Theinen the Great Sphinx

2003 Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of Darkness Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #LOD-018

Marauding Captain

2 from
2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 Gameboy Advance Promos #WC4-001

Fairy King Truesdale

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