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2012 SP Signature Edition Superstars Quad Signatures #SU4-SRJZ

Ron Santo, Cal Ripken Jr., Chipper Jones, Ryan Zimmerman /10

2011 In the Game Heroes and Prospects Hero Jersey and Auto Silver [Autographed] #HJA-SM

Stan Musial

2013 Topps Update Series #US250.4

Yasiel Puig (Hands Up)

2014 Bowman Inception Prospect Autographs #PA-JA

Jose Abreu

2011 Bowman Chrome USA 18U National Team Autograph Orange Refractor [Autographed] #18U - 24

Hunter Virant /25

2014 Topps Tribute to the Throne Relics Blue #THRONE-JD

Joe DiMaggio /50

2010 Topps Sterling [???] #5CCAR-48

Dale Murphy /10

2010 Topps Sterling [???] #SSAR-23

Dale Murphy /10

2011 In the Game Heroes and Prospects National Convention Baseball Redemption Memorabilia #HPBR-43

Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Cam Greathouse

2011 Bowman Sterling USA Baseball Collegiate National Team Dual Autographs Purple Refractor #BSDA-SP

Clate Schmidt, Cody Poteet /10

2014 Topps Finest Printing Plate Cyan #48

Bryce Harper /1

2012 SP Signature Edition Pride of a Nation Dual Autographs #PN2-USA-BAL

Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson /10

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