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2012 Sportkings Series E Autograph - Memorabilia Silver #AM-RH2

Rickey Henderson

2009 Sportkings Series C 30th National Sportkings Famous Fabrics Redemption Silver #SK-42

Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter, Yogi Berra, Alex Rodriguez /9 [ENCASED]

2012 Sportkings Series E Autograph - Memorabilia Gold #AM-RCA2

Rod Carew

1950-60s Yankee Stadium Souvenir Shop Postcards #SAKO

Sandy Koufax

2010 Famous Fabrics Second Edition Idolize Silver #BRJE

Ben Roethlisberger, John Elway /9 [ENCASED]

1900-Present Authenticated Cut Signatures #STMU

Stan Musial [BGS/JSA Certified Auto]

2014 Leaf Originals Wrestling Yellow #DR1

Dennis Rodman /50

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2008 Sportkings Series B Patch Silver #P-21

Ozzie Smith

2014 Leaf Originals Wrestling Alternate Art #A-DR1

Dennis Rodman

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2013 Leaf Mystique Casino Team of Dreams If You Build It, They Will Come Corn Stalk Relic Gold Holiday Bonus #DC-CF1

Rod Carew /1

2013-14 In the Game-Used Decades Jerseys Silver #D-16

Mark Messier, Denis Savard, Lanny McDonald

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