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2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Playstation 2 Promos #CMC-EN002

Inferno Hammer

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Collection Volume 1 Limited Edition Promos #MC1-EN006

Dark Ruler Ha Des

2007 Yu-Gi-Oh! Zane Truesdale Duelist Pack [Base] Unlimited #DP04-EN029

Damage Polarizer

2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Darkness Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #PTDN-EN034

Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth

2007 Yu-Gi-Oh! Force of the Breaker Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #FOTB-EN033.1

Rare Value (Ultra Rare)

2005 Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Revelation Volume 1 Booster Pack [Base] #DR1-EN214

Interdimensional Matter Transporter

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Pack 5 #TP5-015

Versago the Destroyer

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of Destiny Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #RDS-031.1

Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast (Rare)

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Soul of the Duelist Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #SOD-EN007.1

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 (Super Rare)

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2003 Yu-Gi-Oh! Series 1 Collectors Tins Limited Edition Promos #CT1-EN006

Obnoxious Celtic Guard

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Sanctuary Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #AST-062

Spirit of the Pharaoh

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Invasion of Chaos Booster Pack [Base] Unlimited #IOC-039

D.D. Designator

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