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Rookies_n_Jerseys's Non-Sports Cards from the 1930's

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1935 Gallaher Film Partners Tobacco [Base] #43

Barbara Stanwyck, Warren William

1935 Gallaher Film Partners Tobacco [Base] #33

Bing Crosby and Joan Bennett

1935 Wills The Reign of H.M. King George V 1910-1935 Tobacco [Base] #7

Memorial Service to Lord Kitchener [Poor]

1936 Gallaher Film Episodes Tobacco [Base] #7

"Age of Indiscretion" [Poor]

1939 Player's Modern Naval Craft Tobacco [Base] #25

"Nurnberg" (Germany) [Poor to Fair]

1934 Godfrey Phillips Film Favourites Tobacco [Base] #30

Jessie Matthews [Poor to Fair]

1934 Wills' Safety First Tobacco [Base] #28

Beware of Trams swinging out at corner [Poor to Fair]

1937 Player's Motor Cars Series 2 Tobacco [Base] #12

Chrysler Richmond Touring Saloon [Poor]

1934 Wills Radio Celebrities Series 1 Tobacco [Base] #21

Isobel Baillie [Poor]

1930 Wills Household Hints 2nd Series Tobacco [Base] #6

Carving [Poor to Fair]

1939 Player's Cycling Tobacco [Base] #22

Tandem of the '90s [Poor to Fair]

1938 Wills Air Raid Precautions Tobacco [Base] #6

Types of Splinter-Proof Wall [Poor to Fair]

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