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2000 Sage Authentic Autograph Bronze #A22

Johnny Hemsley /650

2008 Prestige Prestigious Picks Gold Materials [Memorabilia] #PPI-30

Ernie Wheelwright IV /50

2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball 25-Year Anniversary Jerseys #GU-JV

John VanBenschoten /850

2000 Sage Authentic Autograph Bronze #A23

Shaheen Holloway /650

2007 Just Minors Just Rookies Autographs [Autographed] #JR-01

James Adkins

1999 Sage Autographs Red #A45

Leon Smith /777

2005 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Saturday Swatches #SA-ST

Santonio Thomas

2004 SAGE Hit Authentic Autograph #A29

Malik Moore

1995 Signature Rookies Draft Day Signatures [Autographed] #39

Cory Peterson /4500

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