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Promotions Promotion Details

Port Sale - 1995-2013 Football - cardcircus

  • Attributes
      Sale ends in 75d 13h 8m
      • Items for Sale 0
      • Total SRP N/A
      • Total Asking Price N/A
      • Average SRP N/A
      • Average Asking Price N/A
      • Highest $ Item N/A
      • Lowest $ Item N/A
      • Cost to Ship N/A

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      Port Sale offers must be at least 20% of the total asking price or 10% of the total SRP. If you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the offer, the seller will receive a Request For Proposal (RFP). The seller will be able to accept the RFP or send you a different proposal. You will need to have sufficient funds in your account to accept any proposal.