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1997-2001 Pokemon Meiji Promos [???] #19

Meowth, Team Rocket: James

1999 Pokemon Fossil Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #14


2 from
1999 Pokemon Song Best Collection Promos Japanese #9


2000 Pokemon Base Set 2 Booster Pack Reprint Set #4


2013 Pokemon Legendary Treasures Booster Pack [Base] #RC22


2000 Pokemon Team Rocket Booster Pack [Base] 1st Edition #4

Dark Charizard

1999 Pokemon Base Set Booster Pack [Base] Shadowless 1st Editon #8


2013 Pokémon Plasma Freeze Booster Pack [Base] #120


2006 Pokémon EX Dragon Frontiers Booster Pack [Base] #98

Salamence ex

1997-2001 Pokemon Meiji Promos [???] #NoN


1997-2001 Pokemon Meiji Promos [???] #15

Wigglytuff, Gloom

2011 Pokémon Emerging Powers Booster Pack [Base] #97


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