Non-Sports Cards from the 1910's

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1910 ATC Fish Series Tobacco T58 Piedmont Back #CRCH

Creek Chub [PSA 5]

1911 Hoffman House Historical Events Tobacco T70 #NoN

Admiral Farragut at New Orleans [Good to VG‑EX]

1910 Hassan Indian Life in the "60's" T73 #CAEL

Calling Back The Elk [PSA 2]

1911-12 Between the Acts Actors Tobacco T25 #NoN

E.A. Sothern [SGC 60]

1911 Hassan Light House Series T77 #NoN

Eastern Point Light [Poor to Fair]

1910 ATC National Flags & Arms Silks Tobacco S38 Nebo Factory 21 5th Dist NJ #NoN

Japan [Good to VG‑EX]

1910 ATC National Flag, Song, and Flowers (Med.) Tobacco S40-2 Nebo Factory 7 5th Dist NJ #NoN

Austria-Hungary (National Hymn of Austria) [Poor]

1910 ATC National Arms Silks Tobacco S14 Egyptienne Luxury #NoN


1910 Types of Nations T113 Recruit Little Cigars Blue Back #NZE

New Zealand [Good to VG‑EX]

1910 Types of Nations T113 Sub Rosa Cigarros Back #GRE

Greece [Good to VG‑EX]

1910 Types of Nations T113 Brand List w/ Hustler Red Back #ITA

Italy [Good to VG‑EX]

1912 Wills Historic Events Tobacco [Base] #18

Cabot Sailing from Bristol

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