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Shop our growing selection comic books for sale on COMC. Find modern and vintage, and use our attribute filter to search by year. We are mostly known for baseball cards, but we offer much more than sports trading cards. Don't miss our wide variety of other gaming cards . We also have Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh!, Star Wars TCG, and Pokémon cards in inventory, with new cards arriving daily.

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1964 - 1995 Marvel Marvel Tales #155
The Return of the Green Goblin! [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1967-1982 Marvel Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 1 #56
This World Not His Own [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1989 - 2006 DC Comics Wonder Woman Annual #2
The Game of the Name; Headline; Trademark; Logo; Play Like; Banner; Marquee; Legend; Tribute
1989 DC Comics Aquaman #1
The Legend of Aquaman
1988 DC Comics The Crimson Avenger #1
The Dark Cross Conspiracy, Chapter One: You Go To My Head...
1991 DC Comics Robin II: Jokers Wild Mini #2b
The Joker's Wild: Part 2: Tomorrow a Tragedy
1992 DC Comics Elongated Man Mini #3
Europe '92, Part 3: From Bad to Wurst!
1987-2007 DC Comics The Adventures of Superman #545
New Wife, New Powers, New Home... New Powers?!
1940-2011 DC Comics Batman Vol. 1 #456
Identity Crisis, Part Two: Without Fear of Consequence...
1987 - 2006 DC Comics Wonder Woman 2 #25
The Burning School [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1984-1991 Marvel Transformers Vol. 1 #16
Plight Of The Bumblebee! [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1940-2011 DC Comics Batman Vol. 1 #360
When Slays the Savage Skull [Good/Fair/Poor]
1987 - 2006 DC Comics Wonder Woman 2 #26
The Immortal Storm; Of Wings and Arrows
1987 - 2006 DC Comics Wonder Woman 2 #31
The Savage Moon! [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1994 - 1995 Dark Horse Star Wars: Dark Empire II #5
The Galaxy Weapon [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1976 - 1978 DC Comics DC Super-Stars #12
Don't Call Me Superboy; The Super-Teacher From Krypton [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1974-1983 Marvel Marvel Two-In-One Vol. 1 #11
The Thing Goes South! [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1976 - 1978 DC Comics DC Super-Stars #13
The Wild and Wacky World of Sergio Aragones [Readable (GD‑FN)]
1988-1992 Marvel Alf #40
Alf [Readable (GD‑FN)]
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