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1987 - 2009 DC Comics The Flash Annual #7

The Barry Allen Story

1987 Aaaargh! The Crypt One-Shot #1b

The Crypt

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1987 Blackthorne Publishing Laurel & Hardy in 3-D #1

Laurel & Hardy in 3-D

1987 Comico Gumby's Summer Fun Special One-Shot #1

Gumby's Summer Fun Adventure

1987 Comico Jonny Quest Classics Mini #1

Shadow of the Condor

1987 Comico Jonny Quest Classics Mini #2

Calcutta Adventure

1987 DC Comics Batman: Son of the Demon One-Shot #1

Son of the Demon

1987 DC Comics Demon Mini #1

Direction from the Darkness

1987 DC Comics Demon Mini #2

The Demon in Descension from Below

1987 DC Comics Justice League #1

Born Again

1987 DC Comics Mister Miracle Special #1

No Escape from Destiny!!!

1987 DC Comics Shazam: The New Beginning #1

Shazam: The New Beginning

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