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Basketball Cards matching: Indiana Fever

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2001 Fleer Ultra WNBA #127

Tamika Catchings

2005 Rittenhouse WNBA Draft Picks #RC2

Tan White /333

2005 Rittenhouse WNBA All-WNBA Relics #R7

Tamika Catchings

2010 Rittenhouse WNBA Rookies #R9

Jene Morris /250

2007 Rittenhouse WNBA 2007 Rookie #RC9

Alison Bales /444

2009 Rittenhouse WNBA All-Stars #AS1

Katie Douglas

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2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA #1

Tamika Catchings

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2008 Rittenhouse WNBA #56

Alison Bales

2009 Rittenhouse WNBA All-Stars #AS5

Tamika Catchings, Lauren Jackson

2007 Rittenhouse WNBA Autographs [Autographed] #N/A

Tamika Whitmore

2009 Rittenhouse WNBA Rookies #RC6

Briann January /499

2002 Fleer Authentix WNBA #113

Tawana McDonald /2002

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