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1974 Topps #1 - Hank Aaron Edit

Condition Notes: corner wear, writing on top left
Owner: coolz    Item: 6612715
Condition Notes: crease down center
Owner: GameTime    Item: 2816563
Condition Notes: corner wear, crease through center
Owner: FoxVintageCards    Item: 7691041
Owner: rcon0508    Item: 2197643
Condition Notes: edge wear, wax stain
Owner: tyrodsports    Item: 7986068
Condition Notes: edge wear, corner wear, crease on bottom left
Owner: sheliachicago    Item: 7803707
Condition Notes: off center, vintage wear
Owner: sheliachicago    Item: 7234926
Condition Notes: corner wear
Owner: SublimesSportsCards    Item: 7987103
Condition Notes: diamond cut
Owner: SublimesSportsCards    Item: 7986477
Owner: Ogisan    Item: 2812146
Condition Notes: major damage whole card
Owner: 10166510    Item: 5934467
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