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1973 Topps #49.1 - Twins Coaches (Frank Quilici, Vern Morgan, Bob Rodgers, Ralph Rowe, Al Worthington) (Solid Backround)

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Owner: micdm1971    Item: 14210558
Owner: micdm1971    Item: 15114182
Owner: astros1962    Item: 21188411
Owner: astros1962    Item: 21188419
Condition Notes: has flaws
Owner: CardSmart    Item: 7984349
Condition Notes: has flaws
Owner: mocards    Item: 5130866
Condition Notes: corner wear, creases
Owner: ilovecards    Item: 6162121
Condition Notes: corner/edge wear
Owner: ilovecards    Item: 6162340
Condition Notes: has flaws
Owner: ilovecards    Item: 6162878
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