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1960 Topps #332 - New York Yankees Edit

Condition Notes: writing on back
Owner: celticschamps08    Item: 6613905
Condition Notes: corner wear, creases across the middle, writing on back
Owner: cardcoinmike    Item: 6742048
Condition Notes: corner wear, ink marks on back
Owner: JoelsHitShow    Item: 5499101
Condition Notes: edge wear, ink marks on back, heavy corner wear
Owner: vintagegem3    Item: 7415747
Condition Notes: has flaws
Owner: jamescurl    Item: 3792863
Condition Notes: has flaws
Owner: campbellxx    Item: 964607
$50.00 (20% off)
Owner: ct_drakeula    Item: 13695132
Condition Notes: has flaws
Owner: SteveSC    Item: 273197